I’m Steph and the reason I am starting this blog is because I was wanting a place to be myself and express my feelings. I used to do the social media thing, just like most, but was turned off by the way things were progressing. I always felt like I was being ostracized for being me, for complaining, for not being “the norm”. It got to the point where it was depressing to even log in to these sites and feel out of place. My main hope in starting a blog is to find a community that will embrace me for me. We all have our quirks, differences, and idiosyncrasies; why should we feel shunned because of them?

In later posts I will delve into my life and feelings, but for now I will tell you a little bit about myself.

  • I am a mother of an energetic teenage daughter
  • I’ve been married for 14 years to a great man
  • I was born, bred, and still reside in Indiana
  • I have 2 cats that are always up to something
  • I have loved music for as long as I can remember and have been a member of different choirs. I still sing a little, but not as much as I used to
  • I enjoy watching many different genres of TV and movies
  • I like to read when I have the time and attention span
  • I like to play console video games like Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed
  • I deal with both depression and anxiety issues
  • I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

That’s just a little bit about me and my life. I look forward to learning a little bit about others and find new friends here that I can relate to. I will attempt to blog weekly or when I have something on my mind.

Thanks for reading!


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