To write or not to write…


That is the question today. I have been struggling lately with what to write on here. I have multiple ideas already thought out. I know I will get them out eventually. I guess I am feeling a bit exposed after writing I revealed quite a bit about my life in that post, but I still have so much more to say. I know that is the reason I came here and I don’t feel wrong about telling you guys, but with my social anxiety I feel so nervous now. Anyone else feel this way after starting a personal blog? I know I am not alone. I have already read MANY beautiful, inspirational posts that touched my heart. I guess I should just trust that voice inside me and let my story out.

Someone I recently went to lunch with told me that every day he wakes up in the morning is a good day. After all I have been through, that really struck me. HARD. It made me stop and think. We do need to make each day count. If by sharing my story with the world helps even one person, I have accomplished a lot.

For a few years I have been flirting with the idea of writing a memoir. It might just be for me and my family or I might try to get it published so I can help others who have had some of the same struggles. (I have some writing experience, but I would love any advice.)

So, yes, I will continue to blog about myself, my trials and tribulations. The highs and lows in a persons life make them who they are. I have slowly learned that over the years. I hope you will continue with me on my journey. I always welcome ALL comments.